N Scale Free-mo

The official web site for N scale free-mo modular railroading.

Free-mo is a modular scale railroading standard designed for individual modellers that specifies bench work, track work, scenery and digital control intended to raise-the-bar for scale modular railroading in general and, in this case, for N scale modular railroading.

A free-moN layout at the 2008 WPM show in La Habra CA

The standard promotes, and even forces, prototypical appearance and operations by using a single main line traversing the center of the module resulting in prototypical point-to-point or loop-to-loop configurations and operation.

The Spirit of Free-mo

The following list summarizes the spirit and benefits of free-moN over existing modular N scale standards:

These standards allow for module construction that is free form between the end-plates resulting in flexible and adaptable layout configurations to fit any available space.

The Standard

The Free-moN standard was created by me, Wesley Steiner, in 2002 and published in early 2004. It is actively maintained by the Free-moN Yahoo! group. Come join the discussions and see what is developing. Many participants across the country and around the world are building modules and operating free-moN layouts.

Free-moN Slide Show

A link to Dave Falkenburg's very impressive free-moN slide show that adds some flare to the relatively dry standards document.

The Endplate

A link to a drawing of one possible module construction technique using 2" blue foam and plywood.